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The Top 6 Triathlon Nutrition Supplement Mistakes

November 23rd, 2022

n reality, most triathletes take supplements. With the advantage increased energy and nutrient requirements, a desire to enhance performance, and a greater degree of food and exercise based inflammation, we really can get a bit of a benefit by popping pills (legally, of course).

However, many athletes indiscriminately grab their “morning handful” of capsules, swallow them, and “check off” their nutrition supplements for the day. The fact is, this supplement shot-gunning approach can result in sub-par absorption and utilization of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals or other desirable compound in the nutrition supplement.

So here are the top 6 nutrition supplement mistakes, and how you can avoid them:

Nutrition Supplement Mistake #1: Eating Fiber With Your Fish Oil

Most people take their fish oil supplement in the morning, along with breakfast. The problem is that most breakfast foods are high fiber. And soluble fibers such as pectin, guar gum, and oat bran, and also the insoluble fiber lignin (found in plant cell walls) can affect fat absorption by “wrapping” fatty acids within the digestive tract and decreasing their absorption. Fatty acids and cholesterol that are bound to fiber are less absorbed – and only free fatty acids allow for fat to be transported through the walls of the small intestine. Fiber-bound fatty acids will mostly pass into the large intestine.

Protein Supplements – Nutrition

April 13th, 2022

When it comes to exercise and even weight loss there is always the vitamins debate, what kind do I need how many do I need and where do I get them. A regular exercise program is going to demand more of our bodies, this means we need to feed our bodies what they need, this goes for the two different ends of the scale from trying to lose weight to trying to build muscle.

When it comes to losing weight there are many crazy diets that have been popular over the years, but I have not really heard of one that has been sustainable for a long period of time or even as a lifestyle diet. This is why they are called fad diets because it is impossible to keep them up long term. There has been many forms of the high carb diet or that famous one that concentrated on consuming a lot of protein, which our body needs whether we are losing weight or building muscle.

So the underlying facts to successfully losing weight over time is balance, we should not favor one type of vitamin over another in high consumption, this will result in depriving our bodies of some and overloading on others.

The same goes for building muscle, we need a variety of vitamins for our muscles to regenerate after exercise and grow. Protein is important for building muscle, we all remember the first Rocky films where he would get his daily intake of fresh meat.

Meat is not the only source we can get this vitamin from, although it is complete when it comes from meat as it contains all the nine Amino Acids that our bodies require. The trouble is that meat also contains fat as well, saturated fat. But we can get it from plant products as well, such as vegetables and nuts to name a few but these are incomplete and don’t contain all the Amino Acids our bodies require.

The underlying facts for building muscle then is to have balance to get all the protein that we require to feed our muscles for growth. There is a way of getting this vital vitamin for our body or topping it up if we don’t think we are getting the right amount and that is to take a supplement.

Now I am not a lover of supplements so to get all the vitamins our bodies need from our food is the best way. But taking a multi-vitamin may be a good idea to make sure we are at least getting all the important vitamins that our bodies need, rather than taking a supplement for one particular vitamin which could overload our body with that particular one, where we may not be getting enough of another.

Protein does not supplement nutrition, even though we may need more than normal if we are exercising a lot, such as weight training or bodybuilding. We will probably need more of most vitamins, this is why it may be better to supplement with a multi vitamin-rather than a one type of vitamin.

Nutrition deficiency does not just affect human but also animals like horse and dogs. If you own pets, must check horse nutrition supplements here and make your equine healthy and happy inside out.